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  • Jan 23 / 2014
What's New

OCCAPA Newly Designed Website

The Orange County Chapter, American Payroll Association is pleased to announce the launch of their newly designed website released in January 2014. You will notice a new look and feel to the site, which gives it a more modern look, and better flow of information. Our goal is to provide a more comprehensive source of our chapter related information and services, including payroll information. Our goal was to create a user-friendly website environment to educate, stimulate, serve, and inform our members.  The new website reflects our own unique voice and personality. There are several new graphics and a slider bar to make for a more pleasant and informative experience.  You will still find our chapter contacts, meeting announcements, in addition to the latest regulatory and compliance information.  Job postings, profiles and News features are available as well. The APA membership application is available. You will also continue to have access to important links and much more.
We have updated our website to make it a resource for you.  We hope that you enjoy discovering our new website and that you find it easy to navigate and to use.  Let us know what you think. Please “Like” us and post your comments regarding our new website on Facebook at www.facebook.com/occapa.

Remy Jay, CPP
OCCAPA Webmaster

  • Jan 23 / 2014
What's New

CA Gov approves Min Wage Hike, Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, and Expansion of Paid Family Leave Benefits

From the California Labor & Employment Law Blog:

California Governor Approves Minimum Wage Hike, Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, and Expansion of Paid Family Leave Benefits
AB 10 increases the minimum wage to $9/hour effective July 1, 2014, and further increases it to $10/hour effective January 1, 2016. AB 241 applying to nannies, housekeepers, and individuals who provide care for the elderly and/or disabled within a private household took effect January 1, 2014. SB 770, which expands California’s family temporary disability insurance program takes effect July 1, 2014.

Read more: http://www.callaborlaw.com/entry/california-governor-approves-minimum-wage-hike-domestic-worker-bill-of-righ

  • Jan 23 / 2014
What's New

California Voters Approve Proposition 30

CALIFORNIA – For the Employee:  On November 6, 2012, California voters approved Proposition 30, which provides for a temporary 7-year increase in the personal income tax rates effective January 1, 2012. Although the retroactive provision does affect your 2012 personal income tax filings (your annual 1040), it does not affect personal income tax withholdings for calendar year 2012.  The 2012 withholding tables will not be revised.  As a result, you may owe additional California state income taxes at the time you file your 2012 Form 1040.

The tax increase will affect high-income tax brackets for taxpayers with household taxable incomes exceeding $250,000.  You should consult your tax advisor to determine whether additional California withholdings are appropriate as you have the option of adjusting your withholding rates on your remaining 2012 paychecks. If it is determined that additional taxes need to be withheld for 2012, Form DE 4 is available at the ADP Portal / Home/ Resources / Payroll Forms/ DE 4.  Line 2 of the form can be used to add an additional amount to withhold each pay period.

If you do elect to withhold an additional amount on your 2012 Form DE 4, remember to revisit the form for your 2013 withholdings, as the 2013 withholding tables will be revised for the new tax brackets and automatically applied to your first paycheck in 2013.  Also remember, this is an increase in California taxes only.  If you use a Form W-4, both California and Federal taxes will be affected.

For the Employer:  Employers will not be required to make “catch up” income tax withholdings associated with year-to-date wages already paid to affected employees. The California Employment Development Department (EDD) should be issuing guidance very soon to explain employer obligations for 2012, and to issue revised withholding tables for 2013. 

  • Jan 01 / 2014
What's New

2014 Scholarship Application

Back by popular demand! The Orange County Chapter, American Payroll association is extending it’s scholarship offer into 2014!

OCCAPA is offering up to $200 to help you further your career in payroll.  Scholarships are open to current and prospective members of OCCAPA.  Click here for details!

OCCAPA: Network. Learn. Succeed.