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  • Dec 07 / 2018
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Year End Check List – It’s that time of the Year again!! Some useful tips:

  • Create 2019 Payroll Calendar & Holiday Schedule
  • Review W-2 Data (SSN, Address) before final print
  • Complete a W-4 Audit, verifying state
  • Complete a WC Code Classification Audit
  • Complete a Job Title/Description Audit, ensure all EEs have one
  • Create 2019 Payroll Tax Folders, Time keeping Folders, Payroll Report Folders
  • Create 2019 401k Binder for payments, adjustments, letters from administrators
  • Create 2019 WC Binder for payments, adjustments, letters, reclassifications
  • Place Change of Address Forms on your company intranet & in lunchrooms
  • Upload new Benefit data into your payroll system, run trial tests before 1st payroll
  • Create 2019 Benefit Rate sheet (EE Cost, ER Cost, Cobra Cost)
  • Enter Fringe Benefit data from A/P, 3rd Party Sick Pay Data, Gift Cards w/cash value
  • Oder Labor Law Posters for 2019
  • Create Important Message Log for 2019 (Paystub message)
  • Ensure 1095C Data is complete/accurate
  • Submit requests to Payroll Service for any extra (Bonus) runs early
  • Audit EE Locations for Worksite EDD Report
  • Review Wage & Tax Reports & Fix before last payroll of the year
  • Verify with Accounting Dept any updates to Department and GL numbers
  • Update Self Service Forms, if needed
  • Complete an I9 Audit
  • Create 2019 tasks Calendar (Qtrly tax form filing, WS filing, Training, Safety, etc.)
  • Review EE Handbook for updates   

Audits should start early November…  so that you have enough time to fix before last payroll of the year.

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